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Abbey Woods Academy

Abbey Woods Academy

Welcome Back!

After a brilliant Summer it's good to see the children return to school.

By now the children are settling in to their new routines in their 'big' classes! Even the nursery is a quiet(ish!) place as the children are becoming more used to the drop-off. 

Our first assembly was devoted to our Vision - 'Growing together, Learning for life', particularly the value - RESPECT:

•We are polite, well-mannered and good at listening.
•We can resolve our own problems, including conflicts.
•We can respect and take care of things.
•We accept that we aren’t always right or most important.
•We respect differences and opinions and support each other.
•We can share.

It is essential that we all get along at Abbey Woods and that we work together in order to make this a brilliant place to experience new things and challenge each other to achieve ever higher goals. Respect ensures that we all listen to one another and create an atmosphere where everyone can learn and feel safe. Pupils also learn that they all have a responsibility to ensure their behaviour is appropriate at all times and that they do not prevent others from learning. I am sure this is the same in the home and would appreciate parents support in order to help us achieve the very aspirational targets that we set ourselves.

To keep you informed there will be a brief meeting with your child's teacher in the next two weeks and I encourage you to attend as it will help you to understand how we work and what is expected from your child. Helping them to become independent is something we can work on together, however, until they can remember to pack their PE kit and school lunch with confidence we ask that you check everything is there on the way out of the door.

We are a paperless school when it comes to communication so please do read the regular Fridge Magnet sent out be email weekly and posted on this website and the school's news app. I am at the gate most days and should be able to help with any problems or queries that may arise. 

If we haven't already met, then please do pop over and say hi to me at the gate - I look forward to getting to know the new parents and welcome everyone back to school.

Grant Mottram

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