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Term dates

It is very important that children attend school every day during term time. Holidays should only be taken during the allocated holiday dates.

Autumn term 1

Autumn half term

Autumn term 2


Christmas holiday
(including bank holidays)

Spring term 3

Spring half term

Spring term 4

Easter holidays
(including bank holidays)

Summer term 5
(including bank holiday)

Summer half term
(including Bank holiday)

Summer term 6

Summer holiday

Mon 2nd & Tue 3rd September – INSET DAYS
Wed 4th September – Fri 25th October

Mon 28th October – Fri 1st November

Mon 4th November - INSET DAY
Tues 5th November – Thurs 19th December
Fri 6th December – INSET DAY

Fri 20th December – Fri 3rd January 

Mon 6th January - INSET DAY
Tues 7th January – Fri 14th February

Mon 17th February – Fri 21st February

Mon 24th February – Fri 3rd April

Mon 6th April– Fri 17th April

Mon 20th April – Fri 22nd May

Mon 25th May – Fri 29th May

Mon 1st June – INSET DAY
Tues 2nd June – Tues 21st July 

Wed 22nd July – Weds 2nd September