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Abbey Woods Academy

Abbey Woods Academy

Year 5 - Orangutans

Teacher - Mr Jenner

Dear Orangutans,

Thank you to everyone who is being so understanding and doing all they can to keep themselves and their community safe. During these challenging times, staying away from others will be difficult, but is essential to protect those we love who are most at risk.

It is also a difficult time for your learning! Ideally, you would spend the coming weeks and months in class, being taught as normal, but now you need to take responsibility for your own learning, which I am confident you will all be able to do.

To help, I have set two different types of home learning for you, both of which many of you will have seen in class before school closed:

1. Daily home learning activities – 10 tasks per day, each taking approximately 10 minutes, making 1 hour and 40 minutes of learning each day. The grid will be updated every week.

2. Project grid – 9 projects based around a theme, your first being mountains. Complete a minimum of 6, but you are welcome to have a go at them all. These activities should take around 30-60 minutes and will be updated every two weeks.

It may seem like lots of work, but even if you did a project task every day, along with your daily tasks, you would still only be learning for 2.5 hours, compared to a school day of just over 6 hours.

The tasks themselves I know you will be able to complete and you will find many of them fun and interesting, but your biggest challenge will be motivating yourself at home. The best way to do this is to develop a daily routine. Create yourself a timetable, so that you do certain activities at the same time each day. For example, one block of learning in the morning and another in the afternoon, with play, listening to music, getting some fresh air and helping round the house in between. Also, if you find a good book, reading will become an exciting way to pass the hours, rather than just home learning.

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